International Engagement

The University creates rich opportunities for international engagement for students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and collaborates and communicates globally.

No journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.
Lillian Smith

Great universities are bridges between communities and continents. Hubs of intellectual and cultural interchange, they embody the values of respect and service while expanding opportunities for individuals to carry these values into the world.

UBC recognizes the inherent power of international learning to reveal new worlds, open spirits, and change lives. The University builds on successes in international teaching, learning, research, and service to increase engagement at every level. International initiatives include research and institutional partnerships; community and overseas service; and international development ventures, all in regions strategically chosen to cultivate our strengths.

The critical challenges of our day transcend borders. Our ability to address them depends on transcending borders, too: those dividing disciplines and nations. UBC assumes its responsibilities at the centre of dialogue and activity, leading an ethical approach and working with sister institutions to strengthen Canada’s role on the world stage.


  • Foster student learning internationally
  • Complete Okanagan campus international strategy
  • Increase participation of graduate students and other researchers in collaborative projects with international counterparts
  • Improve the level of information available to students, faculty and staff on UBC’s international connections


  • Funding from the Lundbeck Foundation will create a joint five-year professorship in drug delivery and nanomedicine between UBC and the University of Copenhagen.  The two universities will also collaborate on a joint PhD program.
  • Science and Engineering Board of India scholarship for PhD students coming to UBC
  • UBC’s China Council was established and is actively fostering research collaboration.
  • UBC researchers collaborate with over 3,300 institutions around the globe, producing over 25,000 co-authored publications.
  • Go Global developed a new student mobility partnership - specific to the Okanagan Campus - with Deakin University in Australia.
  • Roles established on Okanagan campus to liaise with the International Office.
  • UBC’s Okanagan campus has established partnerships with several European and South American institutions.
  • Mitacs representative established on the Okanagan campus to increase student research mobility.
  • International Visiting Scholar funding established at the Okanagan campus.


  • Increase the number of substantial strategic partnerships in regions of priority to UBC
  • Strengthen UBC’s role in international development


  • Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) partnership underway on UBC Vancouver Campus
  • The UBC-Okanagan Campus partnership with Imperial College London is developing with collaborative activities underway.
  • UBC Okanagan is leading UBC’s partnership in the EU funded Erasmus Mundus Program, that is building robust, direct connections between research labs.
  • Partnership has been implemented between the Allen Brain Institute and UBC’s D.M. Center for Brain Health.
  • The Faculty of Management at the Okanagan campus is building a network of partnerships in Europe focused on regional socio-economic development topics.