Strategic Direction

Strategy is knowing how to get there from here

Place and Promise: The UBC Plan is a work of imagination and commitment on the part of thousands of people involved in an 18-month consultation process. It sets out UBC’s vision for the future, our collective values and nine commitments with goals and actions designed to realize that vision.


As one of the world’s leading universities, The University of British Columbia creates an exceptional learning environment that fosters global citizenship, advances a civil and sustainable society, and supports outstanding research to serve the people of British Columbia, Canada, and the world.



Academic Freedom
The University is independent and cherishes and defends free inquiry and scholarly responsibility.

Advancing and Sharing Knowledge
The University supports scholarly pursuits that contribute to new knowledge and understanding, and seeks every opportunity to share them broadly.

The University, through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni, strives for excellence, and educates students to the highest standards.

The University acts with integrity, fulfilling promises and ensuring open, respectful relationships.

Mutual Respect and Equity
The University values and respects all members of its communities, each of whom individually and collaboratively makes a contribution to create, strengthen and enrich our learning environment.

Public Interest
The University embodies the highest standards of service and stewardship of resources and works within the wider community to enhance societal good.