The Platinum Fleet

The Platinum Fleet

Building Operations | University Wide
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If the squeaky wheels get the grease, it’s the efficient and clean ones that win the acknowledgment.

For the Buildings Operations Department at UBC Vancouver, the recognition is national: Canada’s first Platinum rating from E3 Fleet from what is “Canada’s first and only national program dedicated to green performance by fleets of vehicles” and in turn rates, recognizes and honours “excellence in fleet management and environmental performance”.

No small feat, no small fleet. The department operates 240 vehicles and specialty motorized equipment needed to manage the ongoing maintenance and operation of the enormous campus, its lands, population and ever-growing roster of buildings and facilities.

A lot of work but as E3 Fleet notes, at UBC it’s about ever more efficient performance. In only two years, from 2011 to 2013, the department trimmed the fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent or an estimated 217 tonnes, even as it upped average fuel efficiency by 16 percent.

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No small feat, no small fleet.


Photo Credit: PK Chan
Photo Credit: PK Chan