A Strong Start

UBC welcomed its largest first-year class in its history: 1,556 fresh and fresher minds at the Okanagan campus, 6,804 at the Vancouver campus. Collectively and as of the end of August, the roll call was 58,881 students made up of 47,933 undergraduates and 10,948 graduate students, hailing from 140 countries.

To welcome new and old, UBC set up two pep rallies, the first at Okanagan campus in the morning, the Vancouver rally in the early afternoon.

President Arvind Gupta attended both rallies, extolling the audiences to “ask hard questions, demand high standards, inspire each other to ever greater heights and give a helping hand to each other wherever needed.”

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Photo Credit: UBC Students Communications Services




Photo Credit: UBC Students Communications Services

UBC welcomed its largest first-year class in its history.


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