Vladimir Plavsic: Adieu Architect Extraordinaire

Vladimir Plavsic: Adieu Architect Extraordinaire

Vladimir Plavsic — UBC alumnus (Architecture, 1957), athlete, multilingual Second World War partisan who fought the Nazi as a teenager, slipped through the Iron Curtain in 1951, emigrated to Canada and Vancouver where as an architect he is known for his skill in ‘brutalism’ design–dies, age 84.

With an eye for innovation and his signature curved-roof design, Plavsic’s work is now found all over North America. In Vancouver, he had a hand in many designs: Capilano College, the provincial court on Main Street, the 20-storey Medical-Dental Building on West Broadway among others.

Closer to home and hearts, the UBC Thunderbird Stadium with the broad gravitas of the roof and main grandstand, coupled with the surround grass embankment, has and will forever symbolize Plavsic’s broad and sheltering shadow.

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UBC alumnus Vladimir Plavsic, who helped design UBC's Thunderbird Stadium, among other buildings in the U.S. and Canada, has died.


Photo Credit: UBC Athletics & Recreation