Mastering the Fast Track

Mastering the Fast Track

There is a new kind of learning opportunity being offered at UBC Sauder School of Business. Starting in September 2015, new Sauder students can earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree simultaneously–and finish in four and a half years. Two completely different — yet complementary — degrees, integrated into one program: The new Master of Management (MM) program.

It’s not a typical program, says the school, in that it offers “a diverse set of undergraduate training” buttressed with a strong foundation of real-world skills. Or as Sauder director Laura Rojo puts it: “You can follow your passion and combine it with management skills.”

Various business components are integrated within the four-year undergraduate program, culminating with a six-month business course covering fundamentals such as leadership, negotiation, accounting, IT, operations and logistics.

The fast-track program offers wide benefits. For students, it’s a quicker route to an MBA. For companies looking to hire, it’s book-smart employees with built-in biz savvy. Combine a BSc with business management skills, for example, and it’s a natural fit for the bio-tech, pharmaceutical, gaming or environmental industries.

Initially, the undergrad options that can be combined with the business management component will be limited to the arts, fine arts, international economics, kinesiology, media studies, music, science and science/wood products. However, Sauder plans to expand the roster and create “the possibility of an elite network across facilities”.

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Starting next fall, students at UBC's Sauder School of Business can earn a bachelor's and a master's degree simultaneously - and finish in four and a half years.


UBC Vancouver students. Photo Credit: Sauder School of Business


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